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Minggu, 02 Juni 2013

Zephyr HxM Bluetooth Wireless Heart Rate Sensor Review

Product Description
Works with both Windows Phone 8* and Android
The Zephyr HxM BT is the aboriginal fitness-tracking accessory accurate by both Android and Windows Buzz 8 devices. It combines our Smart Fabric, affection amount sensor technology, movement sensors, and Bluetooth connectivity on a chest band for athletes who alive on the acid bend of technology. Paired with the HxM, your buzz can clue exercise acuteness level, speed, and ambit while arena your music, tracking your GPS location, and accouterment calling services. 

Strap-on abundance for all-day performance
Smart Bolt is conductive bolt that provides market-leading abundance and accuracy. It is alloyed assimilate a soft, elastic, adjustable (up to 40 inches) Machine Washable band beat about the chest. The Bluetooth 2.0 bore has 26-hour array activity per allegation and is snap-detachable absolution you recharge the HxM on the USB charger. It is covered by a 12-month bound assurance from defects and the band itself is replaceable.

Most Helpful Customer Reviews
The Zephyr HxM affection amount adviser is after a doubt, the best blast for my blade that I've begin while attractive for a HRM. While fresh to biking and aloof accepting aback into weight lifting, this is the aboriginal HRM that I've used, and while expensive, it provides seemless, live, affection amount advice on my Droid. I get to clue my biking avenue through the Droid's GPS, as able-bodied as my avg and top speed, boilerplate and top BPM's, and so on. 

This little babyish frees me up from accepting to accumulate clue of assorted devices, and allows me to use one accessory to clue all of my advice needs, and accommodate a little agreeable ball while on those continued bike rides.
It's authentic (when compared to the chiral adjustment of blockage your beating for 15 abnormal again multipying that by 4), acutely ablaze weight, and the belt is acutely accessible to apple-pie (just pop the adviser itself off the belt and wash!) 

My alone complaint is that the accessory alone comes with a USB charger. Not actual accessible if you're on leisure time and not abreast a laptop of computer. However, the monitor's array gives you about 23 hours of use on a distinct charge, and afterwards accepting it now for about four weeks, it still has the aforementioned allegation that I put on it afterwards aperture up the box!

If you're into appliance and appetite to apperceive area your affection amount is for optimal weight accident and beef development, AND own an Android OS based smartphone, I *HIGHLY* acclaim this baby!  

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