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Selasa, 10 September 2013

Zephyr HxM Smart Heart Rate Monitor Review

I acquired this Zephyr hear rate monitor to have a better understanding of how many calories I was really burning doing different activities - primarily lifting weights, yoga, Pilates, and cycling.

I've had it around a month now, paired through an iPhone 4s running the Cyclemeter and also Digifit apps, and it's served me well up to now.
The sensor has worked seamlessly with Digifit; no issues at all. Cyclemeter has sometimes hiccuped and lost pair once i left the phone on a lawn and ran out of range; that required deleting the sensor inside Cyclemeter and re-pairing. Since finding that, I've stuck to Digifit with the gym ($2. 99 for your sensor package, or $7. 99 with the Pro package).

The sensor band is reasonably comfortable, easy to put with, and works well after wetting your pads with water, even as soon as worn overnight.
The sensor can be small and lightweight; I primarily notice it when lying ripped on my stomach.
Heart rate values have been believable all the time - no absurdly low or even absurdly high numbers.
The maker claims a 150 hour battery life; at my current rate of use it'll be 6 months before I can let you know if that's true but it truly is going strong at 30 hours approximately.

Calculated calories burned seems a little high in both apps, but this is simply not the sensor's fault. Online calculators gave similar values depending on average heart rate. I compared the calculated caloric value from Digifit through an exercise bike that measured energy output and found the app calculated 142 calories the spot that the bike calculated 100, so I multiply the heart rate-based caloric value by 0. 70 to supply a (hopefully! ) more precise number. =====> Here More Reviews And Product Detail

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